Beyond Odd

Three of us spent the afternoon together, this lead on to the night, the sunrise and then breakfast. We had no plans just
totally spontaneous. I remember walking south on the river road, I am sure we walked north too, when could we gather
and not walk into the woods and visit the old graveyard. The woods were beyond crazy we were addicted to visiting
there because you never knew where the space and time would take you. I remember telling someone "come check this
tree out it is so strange" when we got there it was not one lone tree now there were three. Then I tell someone about
that crazy experience of course that let to another hike to the woods, to our surprise there were five, yes that's right
five strange trees. The next time I went up there none of those strange trees to be found.
Oh well, I'm not here to tell you about our little enchanted forest this time.
Mike and I kept a fire going in the front yard between the house and the first big oak. We would keep a fire for 3 to 4
days at a time. This day was no different, by night fall the three of us were out there by the fire, while I was building it
up so we could go spend some time on the dock, I could hear those two talking about psychic hooks. Then one asks
the other "Do you have anything that girl gave you?" She said yes and went to the house to get it, she came back with
a beautiful hexagon shaped glass box a mirror on the back side. Mary told her to break it into the fire so she crashed
it down on top of one of the new logs I placed in the pit. The glass shattered into a million pieces then she took the
fire poker I was using and stabbed the pieces and stirred them around the wood and coals.
The fire was going pretty good, I loaded enough logs to give us several hours to sit on the dock. Of course it was
beautiful on the river, the moon was our only light. We sat there chatting and cackling like three old crones.
Finally I said we must go up and check the fire, who knows how much time has passed.
When we looked at the coals in the fire pit I am sure our mouths were dropped wide open. I know I was in shock to
see a whole piece of hexagon shaped glass just floating on top of the coals. I don't know how long I stared at it, I do
remember thinking this only happens in a SiFi movie, , ,then I grabbed the poker and stabbed that glass right in the
middle at the same exact time I see my friend dry heaving. I kept stabbing the glass and stirring the coals then added
more wood.
Next we all noticed angels in the sky, hundreds of them filing into a circle between the big oak and our house then one
by one they would dissapear when they completed the circle. We watched this phenomena until our necks could not
hold our heads in the position of looking up anymore.
When we could see no more angels, we walked back down to the dock to digest everything we experienced then we
watched the sun rise. Later that morning we enjoyed yummy breakfast sandwiches from the local bagel shop.

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