Banshee Celebration

The Banshee Celebration

Many many years ago a group of people came to settle on this land along the lagoon.
The man in the black hat brought them here, he called it the promised land. He had traveled
a long way entering from Nova Scotia he headed west to California then from south Cali.
back to the east to settle in Florida. He convinced people to join him and many did.
He always carried his black book he always wore a black hat and dark glasses.

While traveling here one of the young ladies saw through the man. Knew he was up to
no good. Upon arriving in Louisiana, she fled screaming into a town, she knelt beside
the waters, her tears dropped into the water that is when MaHOO heard the young
lady's prayers.

The land he promised was enchanted. It was so green and lush with flowers of every color. Some of
the folks met the little girl playing in the woods. She was unkept, no shoes and very worn clothes.
She lived in a little shack north of the Big House owned by the lumber co. Her father worked for this
company, he was a very gruff parent he sent her mother away called her a whore. He would kill a small
animal plop it on their table, skin it cook it and make the little girl and her brother eat it. This
appalled the little girl, she felt like she was made to eat her friends from the woods.
She told the new settlers about the spirits in the woods, the spirits of the trees and plants.
She told them about the faeries and the little people. Some of the folks actually connected with
these spirits.
When the man in the black hat heard of this he summoned for the girl, shamed her in front of his
people tied her to a tree, piled sticks around her and burned her to death.
A day and a half later he called his people together to convince them he did the right thing.
MaHOO showed up. She came shifted as a beautiful lady impeccably dressed in clothes from
the 1940 era. She had a few words with Carmen, ( man in black hat) she turned away. He was
struck by lightening. All his people saw their own fears in the electricution that day.
That night the banshees celebrated, the little girl was given the honor to scream the banshee scream.
Today there are three circles of trees where the banshees danced. The trees are not the same,
the circles are.

The little man in the spiral of light came to the celebration representing all the other kingdoms.
He said from that day forward they all were stepping back, out of the site of humans. He said
our hearts were too hard.


After the Banshee Celebration the little girl went to a cave to meet her angels,
her masters and her higher self...

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