Odd Times

My good friend Linda, asked me to join her new team @ Mystikal Realms so I decided to make a new site for her team.
I also always wanted to be on Mystical Meadow's Midnight Creatures team and this site fits well for both teams.
I created some of these pages from pages I made in year 2001 and earlier. I didn't know anything about html then or
the use of folders I noticed lol. I also did not know how to make graphics back then, I created my art freehand. I learned
graphic art and html after joining staff in the web competitions. So many wonderful people join the comps and staff,
people who share what they know and most of all they share their valuable time so everyone can have some web fun.
I am very greatful, thank you to everyone who takes part in the web competitions.

Talking about Linda, she asked me to be a team leader @ Dreamers Odyssey , she has reopened her web comp. and now
guess what? I am team leader again and enjoying it. Thank You Linda.

This site I am sharing some of my wonderful exciting memories from the time we lived on the river.
They are written to the best of my knowledge correct. Always someone or more then one person
was with me when the strangest of strange transpired. I hope you enjoy reading about these times,
I certainly enjoyed experiencing it all.
Now I live in a normal home on a normal street with a normal yard lol, it's not as entertaining here
so calm and peaceful. I miss my old place. Sad to say it's not there anymore. Progress. That's
what I say progress is the reason trees and old buildings are mowed down to erect new homes
and buildings. Progress.
Enjoy my memories.

Odd Times
Just Odd
Beyond Odd
Walking The Line
American Indian Prayer
Midnight Creatures
Mystic Manor Spirit

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