Walking the Line

Angry Man Walking The Line

Through the gift of sight
Come to me one night
The vision of the Angry Man Walking the Line.

I asked him why he was mad
He showed me that he was sad
A sad man walking the line.

He came by boat upon the shore
He found that life existed no more
Crying man walking the line.

I felt his heart ache and his pain
Finding his love was brutally slain
Lonely man walking the line.

He showed me his loves blood
Flowing like a flood
Guilty man walking the line.

He buried her in the sand
Then he left the desolate land
Bitter man walking the line.

When he gave up the ghost
He came back to the one he loved the most
Restless man walking the line.

She tried to touch him with her light
Tell him to give up the fight
Vengeful man walking the line.

He couldn't hear, he couldn't feel
Her loving touch that wanted to heal
Deaf man walking the line.

Then the lady of the land
Gave the man a helping hand
Hearing man walking the line.

He heard the sound of her bowl
It lifted hope in his soul
Receiving man walking the line.

He heard the crack he saw the light
In the sky a circle so bright
Blessed man walking the line.

The earthly chains that held him here
The light touched and made disappear
Happy man walking the line.

Out of the vortex of light she came threw
and up to her he quickly flew
Flying soul away from the line.

I asked him for a sign
He pointed me to the shoreline
I'm crying standing on the line.

Threw tears I saw a boat
Two celestial light bodies afloat
I stand in awe on the line.

Then the lady of the land
Closed the tunnel with a clockwise hand
No more pacing on the line.

As I write I'm still in tears
Feeling blessed to have eyes & ears
To see the indescribable beauty on the line.

Lisa Jarrell

Notes From Lisa:

I saw a vision of an angry Indian walking a straight line on the edge of the land. I call it the land because
it's really no ones land but everyone's.
I asked him why he walked with closed fists and stomping feet and he took me to a time when the land
was different. The water had a sparkle so pure. The beach went way up the hill which now has grass and
trees and houses on it.
He took me back to the day he left his beloved and tribes people on that beach and got in his boat to
go for food. When he came back he found his beloved princess massacred on the beach. The blood still
running down the wrinkles in the sand.
He fell into the sand next to her, blaming himself for not being there to protect them. to save her. He
buried her in the sand, in that very place. His heart broken, he left the land but could never forget her nor
the guilt he felt. In death, his spirit came home to be with her.
But after her death he became overwhelmed with his negative emotions of revenge, hate and rage.
These emotions followed his very soul.
Even at her grave, he couldn't feel her. He couldn't hear her because of the black cloud he had over
his heart.
The lady who lived on the land now used her bowl to open the cloud, to open his heart. And with
ceremony and prayer he could finally see her. She had been waiting for her soul mate to hear her and
feel her love for so long, so that he could rest.
A hole opened in the sky that day. She appeared so beautiful, so full of light, so white that it was
almost blinding. He looked up to see her and was consumed by her light and jumped into it and when
they touched I saw extreme colors that are not of this world.
One can only aspire to know a love so strong I know he is free of all his human emotions that kept
him bound to this land.

P.S. from Jan:
This beautiful event happened a couple of years after we excersized our home, the angry man was barred
from the house and stayed under the tree a distance from the house, under the tree is where Lisa found him.
I am so thankful to Lisa for her help in releasing him from the land. It was a memorable experience.

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