I found out about this breed of pups by accident online so I did my research and learned they are the national dog of Cuba, bred for the heat, perfect for Florida living. The more I read about them the more interested I became. Mike and I went to a dog show in Orlando to check these dogs out. We had to see them in person and we both fell in love. A few months later we found Picante, I call her Peek a Boo, because we could not see her eyes for her first two years, they grow bangs to protect their eyes from the bright sunshine. Havanese are so much fun and so very smart, I love the way they think. An example, a year ago we had a very cold winter, our grass turned brown, daily I had to sweep the grass that came in, Peek a Boo watched me sweep into a pile, she ran outside and grabbed a mouth full of dried grass and leaves and placed it in my pile on the floor in the house. What a helper, right? They love to play chase and keep away, oh and did I mention they are thieves??? Yup they can take things right out from under your nose lol. We had to get one more, so Peek a Boo has a good buddy that thinks and plays the same way she does, so this year we got back with the breeder and they had a black and tan named Salsa. Spice sisters is what we have now, they sure spice up our life.

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