I live in Florida, U.S.A., been here most of my life, I love it. I find a need to live near the waters, we have two rivers, the Indian and Banana River which really are a lagoon (The Indian River Lagoone) and the ocean is nine miles east of us and to our west is the St. John's River which like the Nile, flows north.
My first twelve years I lived in Northern New Jersey, it was a beautiful place for my childhood. I enjoyed the seasons and everything that part of the world had to offer, from swimming to ice skating. I love the natural beauty around us in New Jersey and here and enjoy spending as much time as possible outside.
Growing flowers, veggies and herbs is my fun time, love every part of it even the dirty nails, I rather play in the dirt outside then clean the dirt inside.
I have four of my own grown up children and one of Mike's. Now we have six grand children. Sure was a challenge having four kids, trial and error lol. I appologize to them for all the mistakes I made along the way. All my memories of thier childhood are good memories, we did have fun, I love to play and I love toys so you know we had a good time playing and creating things. We got into ceramics, pottery, leather crafting, sewing, knitting and crocheting, wonder if I forgot any. We always had something fun to make, and then the computer, , a Comadore 64, lol, remember those? of course we had the Atari. I played frogger until they got too good at it. I also enjoyed going to concerts, my kids preferred the infield and I sat with my friends up in the stands, those were some fun filled times. I enjoyed much of the same music as my kids until my son became a teen, the beat of his music did not run thru my veins, he loved the heavy metal. I still love the old rock music and also new age, , , now asian music is my favorite.
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