When I got a computer my oldest daughter told me to get Corel Draw and use it for art, lol maybe some more lol. I looked at that program and laughed, I had no clue what to do with it. I did find the part called photo paint, with poking around I figured out how to free hand paint in that program, this was fun, great fun, I can make a big mess and clean up is just a click. My second daughter would put my pictures on a little web site for me, that was way cool to see, but of course I wanted more, so Janna told me I had to do this myself. I started with Front Page, now I use note pad and codes. My first site was ama's World, I took it into the web comps. What a fun learning experience web comps are. I made many friends and they did not mind sharing their html and graphic info. This computer has been a non stop fun learning experience.
I met Dee in the Golden Elite web comp. We've been friends ever since helping staff a couple different web comps. Both of us so enjoy creating graphics, both of us have our own unique style. She asked me to illustrate her books, I had so much fun reading her stories then creating the pictures I saw while reading. We had so much fun. You can see our books @ The Toybox Grannies

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